High-temp grease HT2 (280°C)

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Description HT2

  • HT2 is based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE).
  • This oils have been subject to constant product development over many decades so as to exploit the latest know-how available, which has made them one of the most widely used PFPE lubricant series worldwide.
  • HT2 long-term greases offer excellent resistance to high temperature and aggressive media and at the same time compatibility with plastics and elastomers.

HT2 Application 

Rolling and plain bearings subject to high temperatures

One of the well-known strengths of the HT2 is the product’s suitability for the lubrication of bearings and guides operating under extreme temperatures up to 280 °C.

A low evaporation rate enables longest grease lives and hence longest relubrication intervals. Typical applications include:

  • Conveyors (load and turn rollers).
  • Kiln cart wheel bearings.
  • Calender bearings.
  • Fan bearings.
  • Chain bearings in film stretching stenters.

Friction points under the influence of media

HT2 offer also good adhesion and a sealing effect, which makes them suitable for application in:

  • Valves, fittings and installations e.g. in the chemical industry.
  • Pneumatic components.
  • Level gauges, e.g. for fuels or chemicals.
  • Seals (static, dynamic).
  • Extraction systems.

Food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.

White-coloured HT2 special lubricants can therefore also be used on friction points where occasional contact with food products cannot be ruled out for technical reasons.

E.g. in rolling and plain bearings and guides operating under high thermal loads in

  • Automatic baking ovens.
  • Cooking or frying lines.
  • Conveyor systems.

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