Classification of high-temp grease bearing and how to use them for best results

Unlike other types of beef fat, heat-resistant grease is a type of grease that not only has a lubricating effect and can withstand quite high temperatures without changing or melting. The configuration of heat-resistant grease is mainly made from base oil along with some special additives.

What effect does temperature tolerance have?

Heat-resistant grease has many effects besides the main effect of lubrication, it also helps protect dust from getting into the nooks and crannies of machinery, avoiding as much as possible corrosion of machine parts. Thanks to heat-resistant grease, bearings are significantly less susceptible to corrosion. For machines that cannot use oil, using heat-resistant grease is an extremely good and suitable choice.

Classification of heat-resistant greases

Temperature tolerance 400 degrees – 1000 degrees (HT4 suffix)

This heat-resistant grease contains copper powder and graphite. This ultra-high temperature resistant grease is used as the lubrication solution for our HT4 class of bearings

Temperature tolerance 350 degrees (suffix HT1)

This type of high-temperature grease mainly comes from the Molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) base in mineral oil, creating a highly effective lubricating layer to cool and slide onto surfaces.. very high heat resistance, so this type of grease is often Used in lubricating casinos in steel mills or bearings in oil furnaces, boilers…

Slow temperature 300 degrees (HT3 suffix)

HT3 is a high temperature lubricating grease based on PFPE oil with heat resistance and long-term thermal stability, the grease can withstand heat up to 320 degrees. Size HT3 has excellent resistance to high temperatures, harsh environments and is at the same time compatible with plastics and elastomers. With very high heat resistance, this type of grease is often used to lubricate bearings in steel factories or bearings in oil furnaces, boilers…

Temperature tolerance 280 degrees (suffix HT2)

HT2 is a high temperature grease based on PFPE oil that is heat resistant and thermally stable over long periods of time, operating in a temperature range of up to 280 degrees. Size HT2 has excellent resistance to high temperatures, harsh environments and is at the same time compatible with plastics, elastomers

Heat Grease

Heat resistant grease 250 degrees (suffix T250)

Long-term lubricating grease based on perfluorinated base oil (PFPE) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener capable of withstanding heat up to 250 degrees. This type of grease is also very resistant to water and oil.

Heat resistant grease 150 – 200 degrees (suffixes T200 and T150)

In this temperature range, the main component of the grease comes from the Polyurea base, which operates in the temperature range from -30 to 200 degrees. This is also a type of grease that can withstand salt water quite well