Application of heat-resistant bearings mounted on aluminum casting (Die-casting)

In the high pressure casting process, molten aluminum or aluminum alloy is scooped from the furnace and filled into the mold at high speed and pressure.

Depending on the metal used, the part scoops the material into the mold continuously with the molten metal at a temperature range of 600° C – 700° C

350°C heat-resistant bearings are made from heat-resistant materials and lubricated with a special grease. This lubricant allows stable operation even at temperatures up to 350° C,
All heat-resistant bearings, symbols HT1, HT2, HT3 and HT4, have technical product codes, no grease creep products, one heat-resistant steel product (Z) or both sides (2Z).

Heat-resistant bearings are manufactured using a ring atomic mass, high performance, with friction. Manganese phosphate coatings help the bearings ensure corrosion resistance, and good adhesion of the lubricant will ensure safe and efficient operation of equipment in production.

Benefits of heat-resistant bearings mounted on aluminum bucket arms

  • The MoS2 hard adhesive compound in the bearings helps increase the load capacity and improve the alkali resistance of the bucket robot.
  • The bearings are designed to handle very high temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius at the bridge mounting location
  • Easy to disassemble and maintain after long periods of use.
  • The grease can withstand wet environments, corrosive environments and salt.
  • Highly economical because the bearings produce their own lubricating compound to help the bucket arm operate smoothly
  • Reduces friction well, prevents bucket hands from binding under furnace temperature
  • The product contains different types of solid glue to help achieve high load-bearing and heat-resistant performance.
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